Video Game Shops in Kitakyushu

Manga Souko

Area: Shimonosone, 15 minutes from Kokura Station

This is probably the largest retro game shop I've seen in all of Japan. It's actually a large retro store that sells just about everything. The company has a few branch stores in Japan but this is the main office and the largest store.

Name:Manga Souko (Man-ga So-ko)
Selection:All retro including Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, PC Engine, 3DO, etc.
Japanese Address:〒800-0205 福岡県北九州市小倉南区沼南1丁目2-1
English Address:Fukuoka-ken, Kitakyushu-shi, Kokurakita-ku, 1-2-1
Web Page (Japanese Only):
Map with Directions:Link

Tips: It's a large shop so take your time looking around. Prices here can be a bit arbitrary. You'll see 5 of the same CDs with 5 different prices right next to each other. Since they aren't really experts on pricing they sometimes make mistakes and you can get a good system really cheap. But you'll also see mountains of overpriced items that you'll have to hunt through. They have an insane amount of software for all systems and you will always find good deals if you hunt. The staff don't know much about the games so don't expect any help there. Ask them to open up the console box before you buy so you can check it out. They accept credit cards.